Here at Moreish, we are doing our part to reduce our carbon footprint. We say no to harsh chemicals going in to the ground, the animals and you!  Looking after our planet is incredibly important to us, its a part of our organic lifestyle, and we continue to strive to source new avenues of sustainability.

Moreish Home Compostable Packaging

From mid August 2019, we are proud to shout from the roof tops that 95% of our bags will be replaced with our new fully home compostable packaging!  This means all you have to do is simply remove any stickers from the packet, throw it in your compost bin or worm farm and wait for it to 'do it's thing'!
We think they look pretty swish! Don't you?

Organic Farming

Organic farming is a proactive approach to farming, focusing on long-term sustainability of our Eco-system. Our farmers are forward-thinking. They strive to improve the quality of their soil, water and other aspects of their farm that are negatively affected by harsh synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Organic farming can help to reduce the effect of greenhouse gases through the ability to store carbon in the soil. We care about our planet, and supporting organic farming is one of a number of small things you can do to play your part in preserving it for future generations.

Ice and Box Return

If you have left over ice packets and boxes from your Moreish delivery, you can flick an e-mail to, and we will send you a courier ticket to have them sent back to us for re-use! Alternatively, you can re-use the ice packs yourself and put the cardboard box in your own recycling bin, the choice is yours!

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