Our Farms

Moreish Organic Beef

Moreish works with a number of Organic Beef farms throughout the North Island to supply our customers with what we believe is the highest quality Organically farmed beef in New Zealand.  However please note that due to seasonal availability there may sometimes be short periods where only locally farmed (not organic beef) is available instead for your convenience.  This will be noted in the description of each cut that is being supplied as a locally farmed, grass fed, free range substitute.
We strive to produce an even marbling, incredible tenderness and superb taste.
Farmed on Organic Pastures free from fertilisers, harsh chemicals and conventional farming methods.  All our Organic Beef Cuts are guaranteed GMO, hormone and antibiotic free
 Our steaks have been described as being "like butter” to cut through, and having a flavour “incredibly rich and divine”. Even an everyday commodity like our mince is highly sought after, with our customers constantly telling us it is the best mince they have ever had.


Organic Lamb

Moreish organic butchery meat delivery nz palmerston north
Our lamb is guaranteed GMO, hormone and antibiotic free.. Sourced from premium organic farms around the North Island, our lamb really do have a unique flavour.
Almost all New Zealand sheep are grass fed but it is the nutritional value of the pasture that makes the difference.
Please Note:  Each year we do have a period of time where we source locally farmed free range grass fed lamb that is not organic.  This is clearly identified on each product on our website for you and is generally late winter for a couple of weeks due to seasonal supply.

Bostock Brothers Organic Chicken

moreish organic butchery free range chicken
Bostock Brothers Organic Chicken is 100% certified Organic and is farmed with passion! The chicks are nurtured from day one with homemade Organic feed containing Organic corn, Barley as well as Pulp from organic apples. The Chickens have the choice to come and go between the "french chalet" which is powered by state of the art solar panels, or roam and feed on the lush green organic grass.
No Antibiotics, Chemical free, GMO free, Stress free, Hormone free and Chlorine free!
This nurtured lifestyle produces what we believe is the best chicken available, full of flavour with a good texture and very low in fat. Put simply - nice healthy chicken raised the way it should be.
Good for them
Good for the environment
Good for you!


Freedom Farmed Pork

Our Delicious Pork is grown in the crisp air of Canterbury NZ by a collective of passionate farmers who provide Quality free farmed NZ raised pork.
Our farmers believe that farming had become too intensive so they have set out to change that and provide the best quality NZ pork. 
A stressed out piggy doesn’t taste so good. The more natural the environment the happier the piggy and the better the pork.
For our freedom farmed pork we stick to the 5 Freedoms
Freedom from hunger and thirst
Freedom from discomfort
Freedom from pain injury & disease
Freedom to express natural behaviour
Freedom from fear and distress
It’s not good enough for us to put our hand on our hearts and tell you how wonderful our farmers are. They are wonderful… but you need to hear it from someone impartial. AsureQuality is a New Zealand state-owned enterprise, they started out over a hundred years ago in the Department of Agriculture. They’re farming experts and their audits take an end-to-end approach… meaning the scope extends beyond the farm gate to the abattoir too.

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