Our Farms

Moreish Organic Beef

Moreish works with a number of Organic Beef farms throughout the lower North Island to supply our customers with what we believe is the highest quality Organically farmed beef in New Zealand.
We strive to produce an even marbling, incredible tenderness and superb taste.
Farmed on Organic Pastures free from fertilisers, harsh chemicals and conventional farming methods.  All our Organic Beef Cuts are guaranteed GMO, hormone and antibiotic free
Once our beef arrives at Moreish HQ, we age it for 10-14 days prior to boning and slicing to provide our customers with well aged, tender beef. Our steaks have been described as being "like butter” to cut through, and having a flavour “incredibly rich and divine”. Even an everyday commodity like our mince is highly sought after, with our customers constantly telling us it the best mince they have ever had.


Provenance Lamb

Our consumers are increasingly conscious of the health benefits of eating well.  
Nutritional value, omega and pH levels, colour, texture and other indicators of healthy meat are all carefully monitored through randomized, independent testing in the farming of our Provenance Lamb.
Our lamb is guaranteed GMO, hormone and antibiotic free, and contains no artificial ingredients or colouring. 
Almost all New Zealand sheep are grass fed but it is the nutritional value of the pasture that makes the difference.
It all starts in the soil. Our comprehensive farming protocols ensure the biological life of the soil is replenished. Sustainable land use is helped by natural inputs, minimal use of fertilizers and careful grazing. Living soil grows nourishing forage. The result is exceptionally healthy animals.  The unique nutritional value of our land and pasture is passed into our lambs. This is measurable. Using Oritain’s patented ‘farm of origin finger print’, the trace element profile of the land can be found in the lamb to precisely identify the supply farm.

Bostock Brothers Organic Chicken

Bostock Brothers Organic Chicken is 100% certified Organic and is farmed with passion! The chicks are nurtured from day one with homemade Organic feed containing Organic corn, Barley as well as Pulp from organic apples. The Chickens have the choice to come and go between the "french chalet" which is powered by state of the art solar panels, or roam and feed on the lush green organic grass.
No Antibiotics, Chemical free, GMO free, Stress free, Hormone free and Chlorine free!
This nurtured lifestyle produces what we believe is the best chicken available, full of flavour with a good texture and very low in fat. Put simply - nice healthy chicken raised the way it should be.
Good for them
Good for the environment
Good for you!

Freedom Farmed Pork

On a Freedom Farm all the Mums aka Sows live in open fields and have their own straw lined shelter. Mum gives birth in this shelter and her piglets stay with her in this field until they are weaned.
After leaving mum the piggies are then raised in our deep straw shelters or sometimes in an open field (and sometimes a bit of both). That’s it… no exceptions.
And that’s why we say… NO sow crates, NO farrowing crates and NO concrete fattening pens.
There’s a heap of tricky stuff going on in farming worldwide these days. Some piggies have tricky chemicals slipped into their feed… designed to trick their bodies into producing lean muscle rather than fat.  NZ still permits one of these chemicals… ractopamine… to be fed to pigs produced here. We don’t like that. So it’s a big no-no on our farms. We say ‘fat is good’… and it’s where the best flavour lives too!


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