Sausage Meat Preservative and Gluten Free

Great tasting with no nasties! Perfect for people with allergies, our preservative and gluten free sausage meat is simply high quality beef, rice flour, fresh herbs, fresh vegetables and salt & pepper.  Enjoyed by everyone not just those with food intolerances.

Perfect for making meat loaf, your own beef burgers or meatballs or sausage rolls. 

Note: Sausage meat is freshly made and frozen down, as due to containing fresh vegetables they can start to discolour if left fresh.

Once defrosted please use within 2 days.

PFGF= Preservative free and Gluten free

Dispatched as frozen.

Made using Moreish Organic Beef, however please other ingredients may not be organic.  Made using local and imported ingredients. 

*May be substituted for PFGF Beef sausages if unavailable 

500g net weight

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