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Pork & Apple Cider Sausages

Pork and apple cider sausages,  a great Kiwi twist on an english classic.

A delicious Pork Sausage made with love

These free range Pork & Apple Cider Sausages are made with quality ingredients, and the combination of pork and apple cider offers a unique, flavorful experience. The cider offers a subtle sweetness that enhances the meaty flavor of the pork, making these sausages a tasty and juicy addition to any meal.

Made with NZ Freedom farmed pork
600g net weight

Please note: this item's packaging may not be as tight as other products as these are vacuumed on a lower setting to ensure product remains in good shape these products are still sealed and fine to consume.

All Our Meat is Proudly Born & Raised in New Zealand 


 NZ Pork, sugar, rice, flour, salt, dehydrated apple, apple fruit powder, vegetable powders, soy protein, mineral salts, yeast extract, herbs and spices, preservative, citrus fibre, food acid, vinegar powder, Made using NZ Pork + local and imported ingredients.

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