šŸ„‡AWARD WINNING Moreish Organic NZ Scotch Fillet - Moreish Organic Butchery

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Organic Scotch Fillet Double Pack


-šŸ„‡CHAMPION - Paddock category Outstanding NZ food producer awards


Certified Organic Beef

Beautifully aged for tenderness, handcut to the highest of standards

EXPORT GRADE! All of our meat we home deliver in NZ is A Grade.

Beautifully marbled full of flavour and very tender,

These steaks are best cooked in a cast iron frying pan or BBQ plate, make sure the pan is nice and hot, lightly oil your steak, season and add to the pan, 4 minutes each side, only turning once and allow to rest, a perfect Medium steak!

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2 steaks per pack

400g net weight

All Our Meat is Proudly Born & Raised in New ZealandĀ 

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