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Organic Lamb Preservative Free Sausage (PFGFGF)

AWARDED SILVER ūü•ą 2023 Outstanding NZ Food Producers Awards¬†

Natural Organic lamb Sausages

Sent from fresh 

Custom made from scratch by our Moreish team with our secret recipe 

Perfect for people with allergies, our preservative and gluten free sausages are now also grain free with high quality organic Lamb, herbs & spices & seasoning.

PFGFGF= Preservative free and Gluten free & Grain Free Sausage 

All our sausages are made using natural sheep casings.

300g net weight

Gluten Free, Preservative Free, Grain Free, Wheat free, Soy free

Great if you just love a good natural sausage for low-carb , Lchf diets

Please note: this item's packaging may not be as tight as other products as these are vacuumed on a lower setting to ensure product remains in good shape these products are still sealed and fine to consume.


 All Our Meat is Proudly Born & Raised in New Zealand 


NZ Certified Organic Lamb

Tapioca flour, Herbs, Spices & seasoning. 

herbs, spices & seasoning may not be Certified Organic, made using local and imported ingredients. 

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