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Organic Collagen Coffee Blend Powder -NEW PRODUCT !

It's more than just a cup of coffee! This Collagen Coffee, is from the Functional Blend range, brings together high-quality, organic ingredients for ultimate performance and health.

100% organic, grass-fed beef collagen powder is naturally sourced from a traditional long slow simmer extraction then gently freeze-dried to retain its nutritional benefits. It features alongside fair-trade organic coffee for energy, performance and enhanced focus. A potent blend of organic lions mane and cordyceps mushrooms work in perfect balance for mental clarity, concentration, endurance and athletic performance. Organic maca from Peru rounds it out and is renowned for fighting fatigue, balancing hormones and improving mood, libido and fertility.

Customers use this especially on different diets GAPS, Keto, Fodmap, paleo diets

Serving Suggestions:
As easy as an instant coffee! Add 1-2 tsp to a cup of hot water with a dash of milk. Also delicious in smoothies or as an iced coffee!

NZ Organic Beef Bone Broth Collagen, Fair-trade Organic Instant Coffee, Organic Cordyceps (10:1 Extraction), Organic Lions Mane (8:1 Extraction), Organic Maca

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