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Best Bones Organic Beef Broth Powder - NEW PRODUCT

Best Bones Organic Beef Broth Powder 90g (approx. 30 serves)

We just love this dried broth, simple to add to a meal, great shelf life, and a pantry staple

A whopping 30 serves in this 90g packet, it sure will last you a while!

Add a tsp or two to a cup of hot water and enjoy the goodness! Or add to your favourite dish for a hit of flavour, No fillers or additives!

Contains 72% Collagen!

Ingredients: *100% Organic Bone Broth (dried)
*(Filtered water, organic beef, organic apple cider vinegar)

 This is our original bone broth in an easy to use powder! This organic broth is crafted using the traditional method of a long slow simmer then gently dried to maintain the nutrient density of our original liquid bone broth. Made in NZ from 100% NZ certified organic ingredients. 

Keto, Paleo, GAPS Protocol friendly , gluten free 

Chicken broth available also 

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