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Large Whole Cooked Leg of Christmas Ham - XMAS PRE ORDER

The Biggest, Bigger & better than ever!! Bigger than last year ! Beautiful Whole ham on the bone - a real feature on the table, Christmas Ham's are GLUTEN FREE & now available for Christmas pre order.

Our large whole legs of cooked on the bone Christmas ham weigh 8-10kg and will feed approximately 30+ people (based on 200gms per person).

Bigger & better than ever!! Bigger than last year

This beautiful ham is cooked on the bone, to provide you with a traditional Christmas ham be sure to save the hock for homemade soup.

Moreish Christmas hams are made with love & care from NZ free farmed pork, sizes may vary slightly between each ham.  Using traditional methods of curing before being smoked and cooked, we provide your family with a beautiful Christmas hams delivered nationwide. 

All Moreish Christmas Ham orders will be dispatched or ready for pick up from Monday 20th December for delivery in time for Christmas!


* If required for an early Christmas celebration please add a note at checkout for required delivery date. 

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