FRESH NZ Free Range Turkey ūüéĄ CHRISTMAS 2023 - Moreish Organic Butchery

Free Range Turkey - XMAS PRE ORDER

PLEASE NOTE: ALL "XMAS PRE ORDER" PRODUCTS MUST BE ORDERED SEPARATELY FROM STANDARD MOREISH MEAT CUTS - AS THEY WILL BE DISPATCHED AT YOUR SELECTED XMAS DATE. Any orders containing Xmas pre order items will only be available for delivery or pick up on our Xmas dates below. 

Xmas Pre Orders - Can be selected for delivery/pick up on your specified Christmas delivery date between 19th - 21st December on calendar at checkout.  You will receive a notification once your order is complete.

Delicious FRESH NZ Free Range Turkeys, grown on the rich pastures of North Canterbury,  New Zealand's best producer of quality gourmet poultry, you'll taste the difference!
We raise big breasted large white turkeys, which consistently produce up to 35% breast meat, giving you exceptional value for your money.
Our free range turkeys spend their days roaming around our fresh green paddocks, pecking and nibbling away as they explore the farm. At night the turkeys are moved into the sheds to prevent exposure to harsh weather conditions and protect them from predators.

To supplement their natural diet, our free range turkeys are fed a grain formula and are not given any hormones or steroids. All feed is formulated to meet strict FREPNZ standards. All of our turkeys have absolutely no additives.

Please note: Image of cooked Turkey for meal idea only. Turkeys are delivered fresh.

Simply select a size from the drop down below,


Size 3 - Feeds 5-6

Size 4 Feeds 7-8

Size 5 Feeds 9-10

Size 7 Feeds 10+

All Our Meat is Proudly Born & Raised in New Zealand 

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