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Moreish Family Box! 6 Nights of Meal Ideas

Our Moreish Family Box is a range of 6 healthy NZ Organic & Free Range convenient meat cuts that are family friendly

Designed to keep your family nourished happy and warm.

750gm Organic Grass Fed Beef Mince 

500gms Diced Organic Chicken

4 x 120gm Pure Organic Grass Fed Beef Burger Patties

500gms of Organic Grass Fed Casseroling Steak

600gms Moreish Special Sausages (approx 6 sausages)

400ml Moreish Stock

6 products for 6 nights of meals

*Cuts may be substituted for a similar option if supply is limited

Online organic meat box delivery

All Our Meat is Proudly Born & Raised in New Zealand 

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