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Chicken Honey Satay Sausages GF


Try this amazing combination, which the kids and adults alike will LOVE!  A delicious sweet yet savory taste that will fast become a family favourite.

Chicken Malay Satay & Honey handmade with love using organic chicken!

Small skin size, quick and easy to cook -we recommend cooking these at a lower heat so the honey does not burn  

Made using  Bostocks Organic free range chicken, however please note other ingredients may not be organic.  Made using local and imported ingredients.  These sausages are made using natural lamb casings. Gluten Free

500g net weight

Please note: this item's packaging may not be as tight as other products as these are vacuumed on a lower setting to ensure product remains in good shape these products are still sealed and fine to consume.

May contain Allergens, please contact us if you have any questions

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